Summer Makeup Menu

2016-08-05 10.30.31 1.jpg

Easy on this one. The fact that I´ve been barely wearing any makeup lately could be a symptom of slackness only one thing could explain: I´m on holidays..

Going all naturel has not only been a trend lately but also a state of mind I´ve been religiously following the last few days. Roll out of bed, shake those sleeps and go straight to the beach –if this volatile weather only allows us to do so. That is certainly the only menu I´ve been consuming nonstop –and figs, I´m addicted to that shit. But summer nights are only about to end (this random sentence is only induced by the fact that people are starting to obsess with autumn already –why oh why) and there´s no point of not taking advance of that tan and freckles.

Hot weather and foundation don´t work for me, so I´d rather leave my skin al fresco or just put some concealer on problematic areas (see: under eyes and red nose situation). I use my ever favourite Sephora bronzer (unfortunately now discontinued) to intensify my tan. I dab a little bit of On an On Bronze eyeshadow by Maybelline and finish the eyes with some Clarins mascara. Since I´m not wearing any foundation whatsoever, I brush my eyebrows with a spoolie to achieve the most polished face possible. As the final touch, my new H&M lipstick in Macaroon.

My summer make up menu is served, what´s on yours?

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