Make Up For Glasses (From A Girl That Actually Wears Glasses)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Something happens when I see a little baby with glasses: my heart melts. It melts in a way I can´t describe, the cuteness is too much and it also reminds me of my baby-self..

Pictures of myself with glasses are my favourite thing, one because I look real cute and two because there´s no way I can distinguish myself from my sister between the ages of one to ten –I even sometimes think she´s me now. That aside, the fact that I currently prefer wearing glasses to contacts would make teenage Carlotarules cringe.

When I wear my glasses, I usually go for a red lip and leave my complexion quite simple. A bit of Rimmel Match Perfection concealer, some Sephora bronzer, lots of Clinique High Impact Mascara and a little bit of Sephora Colourful Crayon in Taupe on the eyes.

Dress this make up with the most careless look you have and you´ll make the perfect nerd outfit so on trend these days. Seems like I was always a trendsetter and didn´t even know..

What´s your go to make up for glasses?

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