The Weekender #23: Laredo Birthday Weekend


Last weekend was probably the only time I had the chance to actually enjoy the weather and soak up the sun –had to link the song, #sorrynotsorry..

2016-07-23 02.31.35 2.jpg

The birthday party extravaganza was planned by the birthday boy´s girlfriend. Three days of laughs, sun and party with a few arguments but surely with lots of love too. We played water games, we chilled for hours and we drank from coco locos –cutest stuff ever. An attempt at BBQ-ing was made –with more misses than hits- but all in all it was the coolest of the birthdays parties and now I definitely want a surprise like this *blinks eye nervously*.

2016-07-23 02.31.37 2.jpg

The party planner in the middle showing her best duck face, her cousin on the right. BOTH BABES.

2016-07-23 02.31.36 4.jpg

What were you up to this weekend?

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