The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation Review

2016-07-22 02.11.16 1.jpg

So, if I had to pick a perfect vacation place that would be somewhere I could easily lay in the sun, wear shorts and light camis while shipping a perfectly blended  mojito..

It doesn´t take much, as you can see, to make this girl happy. The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation doesn´t have any of this, but their conveniently chosen names just make me feel a little closer to where I wanted to be right now –give me that mojito, please. My shade, Bora Bora, matches like a dream to my pale skin (although it might be a little light for me right now).

Getting technical, this foundation gives a light to medium coverage, quite buildable if you asked me. I only use this on the centre of my face and my cheeks or where any redness likes to jumble together. Has a runny consistency, guess it´s because it doesn´t provide that much coverage, and causes my skin look glowy and fresh. Now, here´s the weird thing: I find it settles down like mad on any dry patch, which I can´t really understand why because at the same time I feel like this is a fairly moisturizing foundation –mystery.

Justin Bieber said never say never, but I will probably go for another foundation next time, although this is probably one of the few foundations that actually matches my skin tone –gutted. However, I fell like this foundation will work better on winter than summer, the door is still opened.

Now, tell me if it wouldn’t be amazing to be in Bora Bora right now.


Have you tried the The Body Shop Fresh Nude foundation?

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