A Few Summer Favourites

2016-07-19 01.46.48 1.jpg

Six months of nervous waiting for just a few days of good worthy-useful weather. But it happens all the time, we want things we can´t have. Just like when it´s cold and we want warmth..

The heat wave from the last days has slowly faded away, showing rather cloudy days for what´s to come. The RayBan Aviator glasses seem useless right now, but no one ever complained about needing sun to wear a pair of sunnies –unless it´s raining, when wearing sunnies could make you look like an idiot.

A kind of tan is slowly but steady showing off, and if you could see me right now you´d be blinded by the enormous grin in my face. My lips are something I need to take care of every. single. day. For what I use the Nivea Soothe & Protect Lipbalm SPF 15, a lip saviour if you ask me. After, I can easily apply any lipstick, like my favourite at the moment, H&M Lipstick in Macaron –peachy perfect.

Head and hair, both have been messy lately. For my hair I´ve been using the Montibel.lo Smart Touch treatment, the only thing able to tame my frizzy locks during summer. For my head I´ve been reading Jane Eyre, I´m a magnet for love stories, what can I tell you.

Is it the weather? Is it the sun? I think I´m too cheesy lately.. help!

What are your summer favourites?

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