My First Ever Sephora Haul

2016-07-02 11.55.51 1.jpg

Working in the city everyday for the last two months had me thinking of a certain thing: I spend too much time wandering the shops and therefore I must present my dearest apologies to my crying wallet for vacating it from any euro without mercy..

Should I also mention this does not happen usually, simply on those days where nothing seems to smooth a rather moody day –case pointed. Walked down the stairs to the streets, took a few steps forward and suddenly stumbled in front of Sephora like I was enlighted to do something great. And girl did I do something great.

With nothing on my mind, I went across the room to my favourite place in the shop: the mini samples self. Because they are tiny, they are cute and you can try any product without going bankrupt in just seconds. My choices from the evening were: the Nars Blush/Bronzer duo in Orgasm and Laguna, the Sephora travel size Multitasker Complexion Brush and two I´m Real Mask Sheets. As a bonus, I was given a full sized Rituals of Shakura shower gel.

That´s how you do it, my “turn a bad day into a good one” guide by treating yo´self. Step one: have a really shitty day. Step two: spend all the money. Step three: be happy.

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