Sunscreen: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Needless to say this post seems useless (but necessary) acknowledging the fact that here in the north the sun is almost a tale told by people who actually spend their summer abroad. However a true northerner will always keep the faith and pray for the little rays of light to come out..

So you never really know when the sun will make the flashing appearance, one moment might be raining, the next thing you know is you are suddenly the centre of attention holding an umbrella under the sparkling sun -been there done that. That´s why sunscreen should always be something unskipable on anyone’s routine, so you won´t be caught off guard..

The Good: Eucerin Sun Fluid SPF 50. My favourite from them all, it has a velvety finish without drying my skin, SPF 50 and is gentle on my sensitive skin. Forever repurchasing again.

The Bad: Ducray Melascreen UV SPF 50. Normal to combination skin, I really don´t think it has a dry touch as I can feel my skin a bit sticky after applying this. It claims to limit and brighten brown spots but I can´t assure anything as I don´t really have brown spots. Won´t be repurchasing again.

The Ugly: Mary Kay Suncare SPF 50. I was doubting between the Ducray cream or this one to feature this category, but then I thought how much I hate feeling sticky all over my body and not been able to properly dress. At least I can matify my face with some powder after I apply the before mentioned cream, not as my body which will be tacky for the rest of the day. Won´t be repurchasing again.

Nobody likes a sunburnt look, so if you want a reddish touch on your look just put on your favourite lipstick. And please, protect your skin!

What´s your favourite sunscreen?

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