World Meets Beer: 15.000 Hops

2016-07-04 10.41.42 2.jpg

Huge disclaimer: I don´t like beer. I know, I´m probably out of this world, but that golden liquid that seems to quench everybody´s thirst during summer –and not summer- and I are not meant to be together..

2016-07-04 10.41.41 2.jpg

But there´s nothing better to do on a Sunday evening anyways, so when my friends suggested going to 15.000 Hops, I didn´t think twice. This tiny but hella cute bar must be heaven for beer lovers as they probably amass more beer than you can even think of –cherry flavour included.  The bar is little but cozy, has a nice terrace and there´s also place for some funky interior decor too.

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The best part of it? Even if they are a beer specialized bar in their roots, they also have some space for wine, tea and food –as you can see in the pic below feat. chocolate and lemon tea plus a delish piece of homemade cake. Also, the good music coming through the windows just sets everything into place for the perfect summer evening mix which includes lots of laughs and coming home with a full belly #goals.

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2016-06-20 10.41.48 3.jpg

What´s your perfect plan for a summer evening?

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