The weekender #22: Rainy Days And A Blogging Rant

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I should start the post apologizing for missing last week´s Weekender. I don´t even have a good excuse for it, I simply didn´t feel like writing, which´s been happening a lot lately..

And I don´t know why, because there´s nothing more I like these days than sitting on my desk to write some posts and take some photos. However lately everything has been in slow motion, I´ve been feeling heavy, not quite inspired to jot down cool ideas or write a few worthy words. I probably need some advice on how to get over a writer’s block, ´cause I´ve been having a hard time to overcome it and I´m getting sick of it.

So I could say then that the only constant in my life lately has been rain. Rain in the morning and rain in the evening. I only hope this means next week will be clear and sunny or I will be inevitably dragged to a never ending sad spiral.

Please excuse the ever depressing tone of this week´s weekender, hopefully next week will be better and I´ll be on a better mood.

How was your week?

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