Impressions Of A Newborn Adult

2016-06-18 11.46.58 1.jpg

Internet pals, I´ve got a confession to make. It´s been a difficult time until I admitted it but you have to know. I am an adult. That´s right, I´m officially one of those people with responsibilities and all that kind of terrifying stuff. Actually, I don´t even think it will take long until kids on the street call me ma´am when asking for the time..

Now being an adult doesn´t mean I´m actually doing it right, it´s just what I am now and there´s no point in denying it. I don´t have any clue on how to properly adult, but I know one thing: it can´t be worse than going throw teenage years again. I made a little list of pros and cons about adulting, cause that´s a very adult-y thing to do, y´know.

Cons of adulting:

You have to spend money on literally everything –do I really need to eat five times a day, though?

You must now take hard decisions just because.

Your credit card can be your worst enemy. I actually own a debit card and pay almost everything with it. Sometimes I´m not even sure I have enough money on it, but #YOLO. However, if you are not sure what´s the best for you, you may use resources like Credit Card Insider which will help you decide.

Facing the real word. Sumps up every thing.

Pros of adulting:

You fulfilled your childhood dream: you are an actual adult now.

You don´t have to ask permission for anything –welcome to days when you come back home in the morning.

Ice cream for lunch? Hell yeah!

The thought of me being an adult is just weird, I mean when I was young I imagined myself as a total girlboss but never really thought it would someday be real. We do grow up after all..

What is the best thing about being an adult for you?

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