Things I´m Loving

2016-06-09 10.37.58 1.jpg

And the only thing I know about this is that I´ve been gravitating around these four things lately without knowing how to stop. Settling down for something is difficult and even more if you have more than one choice, but sometimes it goes like this, a blinding sparkle just guides you to the same place and you know it´s the right thing to do..  

The baby blue Zara cami I´ve been wearing since the day I bought. The Origins Clay Mask I´ve been using since a few awkward spots decided to make an appearance on my almost clear skin. The Estee Lauder serum that has been helping my dehydrated skin to keep up with life and don´t give up. And the Clinique Almost Powder Make Up that has made my face stay in place despite the hot weather. Huh, and love was just an illusion..

What have you been loving lately?


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