On My Hair Lately: Argan Oil

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The story is like this: I was never a fan of oils until I found the ones. Mix it up with a little bit of “oils will only make you oilier” and you have the perfect example of what ignorance does to you..

But after I tried coconut oil I was converted. Converted to the fact that natural oils are a gift from heaven that will only make our lives easier and our hair softer.  Cocconut oil was a good place to start but I was eager for more. A few hours of internet research and stash shopping made me realize maybe Argan oil was the one I was missing. And oh I was so right.

Argan oil is a lighter version that will be as hydrating as the coconut oil but less heavy, perfect for girls that have fine hair like me but still want to own Rapunzel glossy hair. I have been trying these ones from Hask, a healing shine hair treatment that is also sulphates, parabens and gluten free.

I bought it at Primark thinking it would be nice to carry it on my bag for frizzy hair days but I have been using it as a leave in treatment before I wash my hair. I just take a generous amount of the product and distribute it through my locks with a lot of emphasis on the ends, then wrap it in a cute bun and continue with my life as if nothing happened. The next thing I know is my hair looks incredibly shiny and smooth. And me loves it.

In all honesty I would love to be Rapunzel because long hair.  But I will never be blonde so hey, I can just be the brunette version of it..

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