Bath and Body: Rituals Yogi Flow Shower Gel

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I love taking showers, that´s it. Something quick and refreshing, or something more gentle and relaxing, but you will probably never hear that I have taken a bath because, well, I don´t like baths..

I usually take my showers at nights except on Summer, when it´s warm enough to get out of the shower wet and still not freeze. And as you (probably) know, I would totally go for a fruity scented shower gel because I love them and I´m very picky when it comes to scents, however, this Rituals Yogi Flow Shower Gel has been a total surprise.

It contains Sweet almond Oil and Indian Rose, which I have to admit didn´t really whoah me the first time I used it, but I have now started to love the delicate smell –that´s as far as I can talk about the fragrance. The gel itself is the most different thing I´ve ever tried, for when in contact with the skin it stars to ladder in form of a thin layer of rich foam. Ah-mazing. Also, despite being a foam, it´s rather moisturizing on the skin –a must for a girl like me who never remembers to apply body cream.

I love it on busy mornings and I love it on quiet nights, this shower gel makes the cut anytime.

Have you ever tried this?

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