The Weekender #21: Work, Work, Work (And A Lil´Bit Of Shopping..)

2016-06-05 11.46.28 2.jpg

For the past two weeks I´ve been nothing but working. From my house to the office, back and forth, no stopping. However, looks like the blog is finally coming together again after a brief vacation, and so is my life..

Not that I´ve been incredibly busy, but work has just taken that time I used to spend blogging. That said, a new blogging schedule was done and know I´m happy everything is slowly going back to normal. Mornings will be spent writing blog posts, answering some emails and for big brainstorms, while I will spend evenings at the office ´cause know I also have a real working life.

This past week was thought, I wasn´t feeling myself too much. A bit of a mini depression followed by a bad day at work just made the whole week a disaster. Luckily I´m in a better mood now and this week should be better and happier.

And the best thing about working in the city is that you can go shopping anytime, which is also the worst thing. I´ve been shopping more than ever during the past month than in my entire life –feeling very spendy. I will probably do a little haul on the blog on my favourite things..

What were you up to this week?

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