A Tiny Heroe: Origins Charcoal Mask

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I was a little ten year old girl when I wondered why I wasn´t growing up taller like any kid around. By twelve, I already knew something was wrong, I could be mistaken for a toddler and things didn´t get any better..

I remember asking my dad when it was going to be my time for a growth spurt,  to what he always answered me “you never know, but for sure you will be at least five centimetres taller you than are now” –note: it was a lie, it never happened. I waited long and long, and I would be lying if I didn´t tell  you I still wait for that miracle to happen. But while I wait, I´ve come to the conclusion that being small has is not that bad: I look forever young and can easily find clothes in Zara Kid´s.

Good things come in small doses, just like the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask. I got this baby size tube in the Origins Superstars kit and been trying it on and off since then. To be honest I don´t usually get many spots –lucky!– but you know, sometimes I get some awkward ones specially during that time of the month, just like it happened a few days ago. I had forgotten about the mask and decided to give it a go again, which was the best decision ever since I finally gave up on blue eyeshadow –been there than that. I popped a little bit on the problem area and waited for ten to fifteen minutes until it dried. After I rinsed it off, I could already feel the bump had almost disappeared and my skin was smoother.

It´s gentle with my sensitive skin, and when first applied it feels refreshing. It doesn´t have that fruity scent that goes with every Origins product, it actually smells a bit funky but nothing you cannot deal with. The travel size of it makes it even easier to bring it with you anywhere, but unfortunately I´m not sure if you can get one of this in the stores (please Origins people, give travel size tubes a go!).

I must say, waiting for the time when I rise five centimetres taller is tough, but at least my skin feels like a dream..

Have you tried any Origins products?

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