The NYC Bronzer

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I´ve already told you about the lovely comments my mum makes about how pale I look. And I don´t really blame her, I sometimes look that fair I seem sick.. Bronzer is obviously a must in my routine, and I´ve been trying a new one that has replaced my beloved Sephora duo for now..

I´m sure you´ve already heard about the NYC Bronzer as it´s one of those holy grail budget product many beauty bloggers have tried and loved. And the thing is I bought mine a year ago when I was in Belfast but didn´t try it until now –I´m clearly a great beauty blogger.

As soon as I put it on my skin I was sold. It´s a very nice bronzer for fair skinned gals like me, not too orangy not too heavy. It gives my complexion a really nice summer glow and the colour can definitely be buildable. I´ve been using it every day since I first tried it and can´t really get enough of it.

It comes with a little sponge that I keep just because I find it protects the little mirror inside but I´m not planning on using it. The package could be nicer, but I purchased it for 3 euros –I reckon- so I won´t complain. Now my mum is happy, I´m happy and everyone is happy.

What´s your favourite bronzer?

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