La France Est L’Amour

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So I had this post scheduled for a long time ago but it never went life. My sister and I were supposed to go on holidays to France last summer but in the end it didn’t work out. It’s funny to see how things change, I was very excited to go on a trip with her and we were eager to see each other –this happened when I was about to leave Belfast back in July.. I have read it again since I wrote it and I’ve realized how much I repeat sister in the text, but I’m simply proud of her. I thought I’d share it with you, because although it didn’t turn out how we both wanted, this is such a beautiful post to waste on the drafts..

“Lately I’ve been quite obsessed with everything French. The main reason for it is that my sister and I have planned a five day trip to France which I am so excited about. We’ve booked a little apartment in Narbonne, which is a little village near the Mediterranean Sea that looks pretty much like Provence but it’s not as busy.
We came out with this place after dismissing other (more expensive) choices like Greece or Italy –one day though.. We both wanted something very chilled and relaxed, so this was the perfect place to go. My sister and I have been in France a few times now and we both love it -we just can never get enough! My sister is also studying French so this will be a great opportunity for her to improve even more her French (she will kill me for saying this but she speaks French really well and I love hearing her talking although I don’t understand a single word).
After rainy and cold days my body is already demanding some warmth and sunshine that hopefully will be found in Narbonne. Beach, sun, crêpes and good memories is all I expect from this mini trip.
Where are you going on summer?”

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