Mix & Match Haul

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It´s weird to think people pay other people to work, but it´s even more awkward when you are one of them. Yes, that´s right, I have a new job and I´m feeling so fly. This is no ordinary thing, I have new responsibilities and a rather formal dress code to respect..

Back to business, the important thing here is I can finally support myself financially because I´m at last an independent woman who don´t need a man –here´s my poor tribute to Beyoncé. My wallet feels a little heftier and life is just a little happier but I´m not a foolish, no looking at the price tag is still only a Kardashian´s thing.

My love for The Body Shop is ever-growing, and it seems I have an irrational attraction to it. I was looking for a natural wooden brush for a while, and after a little research I just bought this one. Best decision ever. Like, I can´t even find the words to describe how much I love it. Seriously, buy one and try it yourself. Also, I went for the tiny version of the camomile makeup remover for sensitive eyes, which I have put to test and actually liked it. Still, my eyes have been incredibly stubborn these past weeks and feel dry almost every time, so I´m currently on the hunt of some extremely moisturizing eye cream for tired eyes.

The French pharmacy my oh my.  I run out of my cleanser just after I arrived from Malta and I decided to pick up the Effaclar foaming gel from La Roche Posay, although I wasn´t very sure of it. And since the sun season is on, sunscreen was a must. I never tried anything from Ducray, so I picked the Melascreen SPF 50+ UVA which also softens any dark spots.

Now yes, I´m officially and adult with a real job. Cheers to me!

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