The Perfect Zara Jeans

The Zara Jeans.jpg

Me and my jeans should probably be the title of this post. I´m a jeans gal. Jeans with everything and for everything. Casual, party. Give me a pair of jeans and I will give you the perfect outfit for any occasion..

But finding the perfect pair is such a difficult task and  takes a lot of rummaging through jeans shelves to find the ones. THE ONES.  A pair of jeans that can actually make you feel like effing Beyonce without a single word. Aren´t you on the hunt of some other kind of self esteem booster yet?

I was blessed when I found these two pairs of denim trousers in Zara. Soft skin, enough stretch and perfect grip. Never too loose or too tight. I could even do yoga in them. I couldn´t resist and had to pick up both in blue and black, been wearing them since I got them last weekend and I´m not even ashamed. Long live to basics.

What´s your perfect jean?


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