The Comino Cruise


If you looked at me during the cruise, I´d probaly be gawping all the time with my mouth open. The island just screams for it. Turquoise water, cute little fish and endless of dreamy caves is what you´ll get when visiting comino..The trip was amazing and the crew was so nice. I enjoyed all the six hours we spent in that boat, everything was beutiful to look at.



We didn´t wear a bikini and that was a big mistake. Look at that water please.P4230235.JPG

We were lucky enough and the island was not very crowded.


Before I finich the post, just a few cruise advice: if you get motion sickness, you should probably take some pill for it, there will be a lot of movement on the sea. Also, just in case, take a scarf with you as the wind can make you cold -see image above.

Have you ever been to Malta?


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