Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Brighten Review

PC300157 (2).JPG

Late in the evening looking in the mirror disappointingly nodding at my skin. A few “ughs” here and there while touching my face give way to a deep sight despite the little freckles around my nose and cheeks have given a breezy look to my never-ending tired looking face..

A quick skype session with my mum confirms what I already now: my face is dull and lifeless. Thanks to my mum for opening my eyes, I run for my Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Brighten cleansing oil and slap a few drops of this dullness fighter into my wet face for a quick –but striking- fix. It’s gentle on my skin and the oil consistency makes it so easy to apply,  I even treat myself to a little face massage while working on the product if I feel fancy. You can take it off with a flannel but I personally prefer using water, it works just as well.

My skin loves it, it feels soft and hydrated, the awkward patches around my cheeks kiss goodbye and in general my complexion looks more alive every time I use it. And it smells delicious.

A good brightening mask after the cleanse and be sure you will have achieved the nirvana in less than an hour. So many years trying to relax and it was this easy.

Have you ever tried this?

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