How To Make Friends Abroad

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The fact that as a child you can be friends with another child that you have just met, and you don’t even have to know their name because you just want to play with them and have fun is some of the things I miss from being a kid, won’t even mention how good it was not having resposabilities at all..

When I went abroad the first time I was very infatuated with this idea of meeting new cool people I could hang out to chic places and drink mimosas with. But it obviously never happened. My first experience abroad was different as I was sharing a flat with several people and we all went out together, I wasn’t in much need of meeting new people. However, I have to admit the first months in Malta were kinda difficult as I was alone and didn’t have anyone to even talk to.

And even if I enjoy my own loneliness, sometimes it’s just too much. I’m very talkative and I need contact with people –I can’t keep myself sane if I can’t talk to someone. Those months were such a lesson, so hear me out on this one..

Keep your eyes opened at work. To be honest there’s no way I could hang out with anyone from my office, not because they are not fun, but because they are way too grown up for me. However, during one of the events we organized, I met some Spanish boy who turned out to be great and also introduced me to other people. Win!

Sing out in expat webs. I was so scared to do this, I thought it was for weirdos. I wrote a simple post with the title “meeting friends in Malta” and two months later another crazy girl like me answered it. Now we are friends and could not be happier.

Be checky. Just call your own shoots, don’t be afraid of going out and meeting new people, in the worst scenario you can just turn around and go back to your place. Ask for people’s facebook, phone numbers or even emails. If by any chances they don’t answer you (has happened to me) it’s their loss.

While I was writing this I could not help but remember about my sister telling me I would eventually find someone to hang out with. When she was an au pair in France she was in the same position but after some emails and she found a friend called Marina. So, when I was talking to her about how I would never found anyone, she would always tell me I would find my Marina. And so I did! Just don’t give up..

How do you make friends as an adult?

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