On Trial: Lancaster Make Up Removers

2016-04-15 05.57.16 1.jpg

A yawn comes in after long minutes waiting for the bus and the thought of an even longer ride until I arrive home. Too many hours in front of the computer, a bit of a sore back and a pretty peckish feeling just make the perfect warning to finish off the day..

A quick stop at the groceries makes everything clear: I really need to step out of this monotony –and also need some pasta. What do you know, sometimes your life is full of adventures and other times deciding between fussili or spaghetti is the most exciting thing that will happen to you.

What hasn´t been boring at all has been taking my make up off. I´ve been trying a few bits from Lancaster, their Softening Cleansing Milk and the Eye Makeup Remover. So here´s my first experience so far: my skin has been very soft since I tried them and no breakouts have been seen around –good. I use the cleansing milk as the first step to take off my makeup, applying it directly on a cotton pad and just swiping it on my face until most of the dirt is out. I then continue with my usual cleanser for a deeper cleanse. When I wear heavy eye makeup I reach out for the eye makeup remover, a non oily formula that´s actually very hydrating. I will keep an eye on this one as I still don´t know whether I like it or not.

And the same way it takes my make up off, it also helps to take the day off. Fresh skin for the awaiting night sleep along with a breezy feeling. Well, tomorrow will be another day.


Have you ever tried Lancaster skincare?

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