H&M Bearberry And White Daisy Face Mask Review


Falling in love is such a weird thing. You are infatuated by something today, but tomorrow anything can happen. Even saying falling seems like a bold statement. Because when you fall, you don’t do it on purpose, you just happen to not be in control anymore and just have to let go with it..

The reason of this rant is not a new love in my life –cat lady forever-, just a quick explanation of the way I feel when I have to use face masks in my skincare routine. Sometimes I fall hard for them, I meet them every week, same time same day. We have a healthy relationship, we relax together and we even listen to music on very good days. While other times, I just feel free of that apparent love spell. I’ve been kind of in that mood lately, face masks just don’t seem to make the cut on my usual routine, just mix a little bit of laziness with no time and you’ll have the perfect recipe. The H&M Bearberry and White Daisy Mask was patiently waiting for me, though. It didn’t move from my bathroom shelve for as long as I rejected it. But last weekend I gave it a go, you never know when love will knock your door. And actually, it wasn’t love, but it made me realize how much my skin needed something like that.

I really love this one use face masks, although I never use them up on the first date. It has a rather grey colour to it and a creamy consistency, making it easy to apply. It smells really fresh, and feels cooling on the skin. At first I noticed it burnt a little bit around my nose area, and I’m starting to think this area is especially sensitive for me –it’s happened to me many times- but after a few minutes the itchiness was gone. It doesn’t go hard, rinsing it off is simple. I would say it’s a good alternative if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but even if my skin did feel soft afterwards, I don’t think I would be purchasing it again. Because if you’re not sure it is true love, just wait until you find the good one, right?


Have you tried the H&M beauty line?

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