The Malta Diaries #18: Friends And Excursions

Malta Diaries 18.jpg

First weekend of my last month in Malta, and it has been good. Don’t know if it has been the wind, but this week good things have come just in time.. 

The week in the office was pretty chilled, nothing different from last week. I really feel like I could really give more of me, if only I had the chance –you know, that intern life. However, life outside working hours has been great. Last week I started exercising again after a very long and not planned hiatus, and man it feels good. Feeling the burn again is great, I really needed a punch of endorphines coming from endless burpees sessions.

Some friends came for dinner on Friday, and it was so much fun. Lots of pizzas were eaten and wine kind of flooded, but what can you do. As for the weekend itself, a friend and I have decided that will be exclusive for trips and touring, being our first stops Mdina and Bugibba.

What were you up to this week?

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