Summer Lips: L’oreal Lipstick


Growing up lipstick was never something important on my make up menu. My mum would always wear red lips, and I remember I adore it so much. Me, however, never really get along with the classic lip red look..

Flashback to last Christmas when my sister –in an attempt of pushing me out of my comfort zone- picked up this gorgeous L’oreal Riche lipstick in the shade 377. It was really out of the blue, one because it wasn’t matte (and that’s like crucial for me when buying a lippie) and two because damn my sister has really good taste. Case on point: I really like this colour for summer days and nights, it’s a red with orang-y undertones which is very flattering for everyone, brunette gals like me included. It’s creamy and soft, a bit too glossy for my taste. It can be dabbed on the lips for a sheer colour touch or you can really built it up.

I will try to crack this colour out the next few months as apparently corals are the only reds that suit my face and don’t make me look like a toddler trying their mum’s lipstick behind her back. Good for me, thanks Paula.

What’s your go to summer lip colour?

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