The Malta Diaries #17: Back To Work And Beach Days

Malta Diaries 16

Easter holidays were great, but unfortunately they didn´t last forever. I wish I could have stayed on vacation mode forever –or at least some days more- but work was calling and my way back to Malta was ready..

The days I´ve spent in Florence were pretty good, I loved that city. There were so many little shops and cafés I just didn´t want to leave –and also wanted to try every single place and shop every shop. The weather behaved well, except Sunday night were it poured a whole ocean for an hour.

Days at work have been very calmed, people were still on Easter holidays so it was easier to adapt from vacation mode to working mode. Don´t you just love it when the office is not crowded? As for the weather, if you follow me on Twitter (@carlotarules) and Instagram (Carlotarules) you will know that it has been so good. I´ve spent as many hours as I could on the beach, roasting on the sun and absorbing as much vitamin D as I could. I cannot complain about Easter holidays really..

What were you up to this week?

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