The Masculine Shoes

2016-03-10 10.33.46 1.jpg

Last time I went shopping I came across this beautiful pair of shoes. I loved them as soon as I saw them, I´m a huge fan of masculine shoes to be honest..

I had been looking for a pair like these for months now, specially for winter days. Chances were I found them on sale on Pull & Bear for just 10€, how could I resist? I couldn´t. I tried them on, they fit perfectly and went out the shop with a heavy bag and a rather empty purse. I´m sure you can find these type of shoes still on stores (these look really fancy) they have been a big trend the past seasons. But being the big bargain hunter I am, I couldn´t be happier I found them for a third of their original price. My friends always tell me I have a special talent for sales, and maybe they are right. Who knows, I may open my own personal shopping agency for people on a budget, it could work though..

Ps.:Did you notice the sock malfucntion? ; )

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