Spring Scent: Kenzo Flower

PC250173 (3).JPG

After winter, spring season is probably my favourite. The weather is nice, flowers are blooming and people are just happier in general. My closet is going through a makeover but so is my fragrance stash..

I’m not a huge fragrance hoarder, in fact I don’t think I own a single one. I borrow all of them from my mum, that has a unique taste when picking up scents and is always makes the right choice. Last year my sister and I gave her for her birthday the Kenzo Flower perfume, the one she was in love with for ages but never actually owned. She started using it, and I started using it –like mother and daughter, you know- but as winter days came I look for something a bit richer and darker.

But now that cold days have said goodbye, I’m back to this scent that is just perfect for spring. It’s soft and light, with floral notes that was take you to sunny and warm days. It has notes of violet, vanilla, and Bulgarian rose, definitely a very fresh and girly fragrance. The best of it is that at the end of the day I can still smell some scent on myself. Everything is done to the detail, even the package is beautiful. If my mum lets me, this will be my perfume for the season..

What’s your favourite spring/summer scent?

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