The Malta Diaries #16: From Florence With Love

BeFunky Collage.jpg

My dears, I am in Florence and I must say I´m already in love. My urge to leave Malta and settle down here is big, too bad my italian skills are not so molto buone..

So far what I love about Florence is the amount of cute little cafés you can find in just one street. The window displays are just so beautiful and everything looks like a tv ad. And I rather just not start with the gelato here, in one word ah-mazing. I love that everyone owns a bike, in fact I don´t think I have ever seen so many bikes together parked anywhere. Traffic is pretty crazy though, I don´t think I would dare to ride my bike on the road haha. And, as an interesting fact, there are so many places where they sell leather goods, I still don´t know how I feel about it.

Only two more days here, and then back to Malta again. But I´m not complaining, even if the weather these days has been good -lucky me!- I cannot wait togo to the beach this weekend of the sun comes out..

What did you do this weekend?


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