Things I’ve Learnt From One Year Of Blogging


One year and a couple of months actually. And for that reason I decided to put together this post and share with you some blogging advice that you could use any time. Maybe you are thinking of starting a blog, maybe you have already one. But the thing is that we all need some pushing sometimes, and honestly I love reading this kind of posts myself. Get comfy ’cause this is gonna be a loong one..

People love to see you. One of the things I realized first when I started blogging is that people love to see you. They like to see how you look like, your face, your body, everything. Some of my most visited posts have been those that were featuring images of me –I’m sort of famous girls.

Comments are key. Just share some love and place some comments here and there. It feels lovely when someone comments on your blog, and some visitors may also click on your comment and go to your blog. Needless to say always be polite when stating your opinion!

Refresh that hashtag game. Hashtags on twitter are so important and I wish I had known this before. Always use hashtags when sharing your posts, I usually go for #bbloggers, #BloggingGals and #lbloggers. They make such a difference and people will interact with you more.

Schedule your posts. I don’t always remember to post things on twitter -sometimes I don’t have time- so I use Buffer to organize my posts on Twitter. This is also a great tool to schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram, you can pretty much do anything with it.

Think like a reader. What I usually keep in mind before writing or publishing a post is: would I read this on another blog? If the answer is yes, then I go ahead with it. If the answer is negative, though, just think of what you would like to see and make some changes.

Whoah, that was a long one! Hopefully this will be helpful for some of you.

Do you have any blogging tips?

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