I Could Fly To Florence Myself

2015-12-25 03.53.27 1.jpg

Thoughts on the night before my flight to Florence. Standard pattern in all of my travels, my sleep is messy and my mind spins. Also, I’m really obsessed with my passport.

23:30 PM

God, I thought it was at least five in the morning, almost time to get up. How long had it been since the last time I woke up right after I fall asleep thinking it was time to get up again? I think I was still a kid. I’m too tired to keep thinking, tomorrow will be a busy day for sure..

3:00 AM

What time is it? Just three in the morning.. I still have a few hours of sleep. I can hear the wind, what is wrong with it! I could probably flight to Florence myself.

3:34 AM

Wait a minute.. Did I pack the passport and boarding pass? Yes, I remember putting them on my bag. I should probably get up to check again but this bed is too cosy to get out. I’ll just take a mental note and do it later.

4:17 AM

Okay, this is not serious. I. Must. Sleep. Should I wear leggings or trousers on the plane though? But I hate those leggings, trousers will do.

6:30 AM

Time for a quick mental revision. My suitcase is packed, everything I need is in there. The passport and boarding pass is in my bag, the keys of the house hanging on the door so I don’t forget them. I’ll just close my eyes for a few minutes before the real play starts. I’m going to Florence!

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