The Malta Diaries #15: Indian Food And Florence

Malta diaries 15.jpg

I can´t believe it´s almost the end of March, but looking at the calendar there´s not doubt of it. Only one weekend to go for April to arrive, I´m loving the little changes in the weather that have been helping me a lot to survive this past week..

Days are longer, and the sun starts to set around quarter to six, which is great considering only a few weeks ago it was dark at half past five. I´ve been out and about a lot this week, and because a friend of mine was leaving for Easter holidays this week, we went to an amazing Indian restaurant that was so good. The decoration was beautiful, the food was delicious and we also had a surprise performance from a belly dancer! Epic. If you are interested the restaurant was Suruchi and they had plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. I want to eat there everyday.

And speaking of Easter holidays, next week´s post will be written from Florence! I will be visiting my sister there, and hopefully I will eat my weight in pasta and gelatos and will visit beautiful places. Looking forward to it so bad.

What were you up to this week?

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