Happy Father´s Day! What Makes Your Dad The Best?

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Today it´s father´s day in Spain and I have to say, I have the best dad in the world. Really, ask my siblings, they will agree with me. My dad is the best. Aren’t they all? I love him, very much. Sometimes I feel like I may look I’m more attached to my mom –which is probably true- but I still need my dad around like a little baby..

My dad has this thing that nobody really knows how he is. He looks like a real serial killer in every single identity/passport photo –don’t we all do at least a little bit?- and his face is usually serious. But when he’s with us, oh god how things change. He’s one of the goofiest people I know, in fact every one that once wondered why my sister and I look crazy, it´s probably him the one to blame. I am my father’s daughter with no doubt. He is funny, he is always joking but most important he also knows how to handle jokes. Because let’s be real, my sister and I mock him so much, but we all end up laughing together.

When we were little we didn’t use to spend much time with him, as he had to go to work very early in the morning and come back late in the evening. Therefore, every weekend was a party. I remember how he used to hide kinder eggs around the house and teased us to find them. We would look around the house like crazy only to end up laughing and playing with him. I mean, he still does this to this day, and I’m 23, gotta love him.

He has a strong character but only shows it when necessary. I love it when he buys me strawberries, he knows I love them. And when he takes my hand when we are about to cross the road.  When he doesn’t mind to share the sofa with me. When we go to see our football team play. I love it when he cooks dinner and in the meantime he has already eaten half the food on the table, and then tries to blame me. I really really love when he comes to pick me up from every single trip I’ve done, never mattering time or place. He’s always there.

He is the best for me.

What makes your dad the best?

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