Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo And Conditioner Review

PC300164 (2).JPG

When it comes to my hair there´s always a look I go for, lots of volumen and movement. I have a lot of hair that sits on the normal to fine type, and although after I blow dry my hair has three times its volume, it has also a tendency of falling flat through the days..

This Bumble & Bumble line has been helping me to keep my locks just the way I like them. I was curious about the shampoo and conditioner, as a lot of this products usually leave my hair dry –The Body Shop’s rainforest volumizing conditioner was an awful experience. But these did just the opposite and added that extra hold my hair needs to be bouncy until the next wash. The shampoo is soft in my hair and doesn’t tangle it very much, while the conditioner acts like a normal conditioner, just detangles any knot the washing may have caused. After a quick blow dry, my hair feels slightly thicker and with more texture to it. They both smell great, and the travel size allows me to take them almost everywhere. They are very pricey, and most probably won’t be repurchasing them (if you have any cheaper suggestions let me know) unless I’ve won the lottery. Three times.

The funny thing about it is that the first time I tried them one of my friends literally told me my hair wasn’t frizzy and had never looked that good –ouch. I mean that’s what friends are for, right? To be with you on good and bad hair days. But hey, at least I know this Bumble & Bumble line really works..

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