Cheap & Healthy: Piadina Café in Valleta


As much as I love fancy restaurants, little café’s will always keep a place in my heart. I’ve seen too many Instagram snaps of cute streets with hidden places not to have some kind of a thing for them..


I always feel like searching for a good place to eat is stressful, because I just want to try them all –give me all the food. I let my friend take charge of it and she came up with Piadina café in Valletta (Santa Lucija Street 24). It’s a cosy café where there is just enough room to fit around 10 people, and being fair, we spend some –many– minutes looking for it. It’s perfect if you fancy something cheap and healthy, I would legit eat there every day. There are plenty of meal options, from breakfast options to focaccias, and my favourite: salads.


Their salad was just amazing and there are almost infinite options that will fit anyone’s tastes, vegan options included. I loved how it worked, as they have a fix salad with courgettes, olives, tomatoes, lettuce and all kind of goodness and then you can add your own toppings such as wild rice, quinoa or couscous. We went for the couscous and Don’t you sometimes feel like simple things are the things that make you happy? Well this salad mad me very happy. It was delish, and my friend and I spent one week lusting over it with no hope –she even bought couscous in an attempt to recreate it. If you are around Valletta you have to visit this place. Honestly I still haven’t got over it, and I’m afraid I’ll never will..


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