The Malta Diaries #14: Women´s Day And Careers Event

Malta diaries 14.jpg

This last week has been very chilled, I haven´t been very busy at work and have been able to go home earlier than the usual days..

However, last week I went to a careers event organized by some women organization which was aimed for girl high school students. Sounded interesting, but actually it was a bit disappointing. It was well organized but my collegues and me realized that very few girls are interested in technology these days! It could be that maybe some of them were a bit scared of approaching us for some advice, but some of the girls literally freaked out when they saw our stand and walked away as fast as possible. Also, if you check with detail the pic above you will see that they misspelled my name in a way no one had ever called me. Not bad.

Also, this past Wednesday was Women´s day and all women in my office were given a beautiful flower bucket. To be fair, it was such a surprised and I absolutely appreciate the fact that they took the care of thanking us our work. But also it made me realize that there are only three women working at my office at the moment me included, which is obviously not enough. Where the girls at?!

So, I´m hoping for more tourism this week and hopefully a better weather! Seriously it has been like mordor these past few days in Malta..

What was your week like?


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