Catrice All Round Ultra Black Mascara Review


I told you before, when it comes to mascaras I´m not the one that would be too fussy about them. As long as they give me volume and are really black, I´m kind of happy. Naturally my lashes are already very curly and long, so I don´t have to work much for them to look good..

I´ve been using the  All Round Mascara Ultra Black from Catrice for a month know and have a few mixed feelings for it. It´s not my favourite, but still I keep using it every day. Now it promises a triple effect: more volume, more length and more curl. With also carbon pigments to make it look even more intense, it sounded right on. It has a fiber brush, which to be honest I like as it really helps separate my lashes. I´ve tested without curling my lashes, and liked the lengthening effect. However, I think the formula is a bit weak, as it doesn´t really give much volume to my lashes which is usually what I look for, not much as the length. About the colour, well, it´s black but not blacker than any other mascara I have ever tried.

It creases a little bit, but on the bright side it doesn´t take too much effort to remove. Just a few swipes of a cotton pad soaked in some Simple micellar water and the product is out. It doesn´t make my lashes look too done, that´s why I´ve been using it for an everyday look as it just coats my lashes with some colour.

Price wise it was a bargain, probably less than 5€, which is why it´s worth the try. I will keep looking for the perfect mascara, I know there´s one for me out there..

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