Writing A Diary


My love for stationery is unconditional and irrational. Never known why, but somehow I always find myself gravitating towards the stationary aisle of any shop I visit –there’s always one around, it’s crazy!

And while when I was little I used to keep my notebooks perfectly wrapped and out of use, with the years I learnt that there’s no reason to keep a journal empty. Trust me, it took me years to jump into that conclusion. Anyhow, I’ve always liked to write, and I still keep the very first diary my mum bought me when I was nine years old I believe? I like to read it from time to time because it’s so funny, I wrote things like “today we ate roast” and I would always end my writings with a see you soon –lolz.

When I was in Belfast I was seriously depress for a few weeks, and nothing seem to help me as much as jotting down every single thought that crossed my mind. I felt freed, and better, almost as if I was talking to any friend but with the certainty that no one was ever going to see it. I used to write every day for a month, and slowly as I felt better I started to lose track of it.

Now that I’m in Malta, I decided that I wanted to keep a diary I could use as a tracker of my adventures here. I love it because when I write I’m usually very raw, and after days pass and I go back to something written, I’m always surprised by my own thoughts –crazy. I don’t write every day, I do it when I feel like it or when something important has happened, such as visiting new places or daily little things.

I’ve gone through so many Tumblrs and Youtube videos looking for inspo, but in the end I´ve realized that I want to keep this diary as simple and minimal as possible, no pictures, just writing. I don’t know, but I just have this idea on my mind of a notebook full of letters I can flip through eight years later, I’m much of a vintage lover. I got mine form Urban Outfitters for 11£, which were 16 euros more or less. To be honest if I had known that it was that much money I would had never bought it, but these are the kind of things that happen when you buy things in a country with another currency.. YOLO.

Do you keep a diary?

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