L’oreal Arginina Resist Shampoo Review


I know I have talked about shampoos on the blog before but none of them were really a favourite. Yes, I’ve tried and liked each one but in the end there was something that didn’t feel complete. So when you discover one that you use for almost four months now and you still aren’t tired of it you know you’ve found the one..

Which is what happened with the L’Oréal Arginine Resist Shampoo. It comes in a rather fancy black and purple bottle, and the product comes out in a white pearly colour. When applied to my hair, is very gentle and I can immediately feel my hair softer. It does not tangle my hair at all, which is something some shampoos do and it rinses out very easily. After I jump out the shower I can already see my hair shinier and sleeker.Also, it keeps my hair clean for at least three days, which is awesome because I hate washing my hair.

About the hair loss claim.. well I’m not sure of it. I usually have the typical seasonal hair loss but nothing too serious. It contains Arginine, which according to L’Oréal is an essential ingredient for your hair health. And I can see that my hair looks healthier when I use it, but I can’t read further. However, I’ve done my research and apparently it does help to promote blood circulation through the head which is very important for hair growth.

So if you have damaged and dry hair, try it. And if you have normal hair, try it too. Because you never care about your hair too much, we all know that.

Have you tried the L’Oréal Arginine Shampoo?

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