The Malta Diaries #14: Tourism and Cous Cous Salads

Malta diaries 14.jpg

I wish my first instinct when writing this post wasn´t to immediately address the fact that February is gone. For good. But here I am stating a fact that all of you already know..

This week has been a weird one. I´ve been so tired, lacking a lot of energy. I guess this is kind of a natural cycle, where there are days where you feel goods and days where you don´t, but it´s been hard because I seem to not see the end of this cycle. Anyways, I am ready for a new month so let´s try and keep a positive attitude!

On Saturday I went to Valletta with a friend and had the chance to wander around a little bit more. We went to the Parlamient and all touristy places but also walked different places like Floriana and the surroundings of the city. My friend was kind enough to search for a restaurant to eat before we went there, and we had lunch at Piadina Café where we eat possible the best cous cous salad ever -I´ll be doing a full post on this place soon.

What were you up to this week?

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