On My Wrist

PC250158 (2).JPG

I’ve always been a watch lover, ever since I learnt how to read the hours. If you saw me, with no doubt I would be wearing one. You may remember a post I did almost one year ago about a beautiful watch my mum send me when I was in Belfast. Well, it was beautiful but stopped working within a few months..

The funny part came when I decided to wear it even though it didn’t work, because it was actually such a waste not to use it at least to dress my wrist! My friends laughed at me when they realized I wore it just because it looked good, so when I showed them my new watch, they couldn’t believe it. In fact, I think they were rather disappointed that I was wearing one that actually worked –they probably loved the faulty one more than I ever did.

What I know wear on my wrist is a gorgeous piece from I am, a very affordable accessories shop. My mum knows me too well and she knew I had in mind a very sleek and minimal watch, similar to the Cluse ones. I really love that kind of style, it looks very smart and gold and black are always a good combination. I’ve been using it for three months know and haven’t had any problem with it, it works perfectly in time and the strap has survived in great conditions, it still looks brand new. Not sure if you will find it in the stores, but they are always coming up with new styles. And just in case you are planning a trip to Malta, just know that I am has opened a new store in Sliema and looks pretty good indeed.  My wallet does not think the same, though.

What’s on your wrist?

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