The Malta Diaries #13: When Life Happens

2016-01-17 06.41.41 1.jpg

I thought of letting go and just post a usual weekender, but as this weekend wasn´t usual, why not share it with you..

So, the thing is that I was pick pocketed last night. I was so happy I was going out with some new friends, it was going to be a good night. At it actually was before I realised I didn´t have my phone. I don´t want to make an angry or sad post about it, although I was pretty upset until this morning when I talked to my dad and he fixed everything. I´m just like god bless him, y´know?

My parents and my sister didn´t make any fuss about it, which has been also great. I was worried about my mum, because I always send her a message when I arrive home, and yesterday I couldn´t and I knew she would be worried. Even my sister just told me she had sent me some angry texts telling me how rude I was –love her. It was more about me thinking I had been so irresponsible than anything else.

My mobile was a shitty one, not going to lie. It cost me 20 euros in an offer. It was old and it was ugly, but it was mine after all. I didn´t feel bad about the fact of losing it, I felt kind of sad because someone had the guts to open my purse and take something from it without me realizing. Now thinking of it calmed, I know I´m probably making such a big deal about it. But I had never been robbed in my life, and to be honest I feel like my privacy was invaded (probably because I was also a bit tipsy), I don´t know.

I treated myself with a blueberry mango smoothie and everything seems better now. I guess there´s nothing a smoothie can´t fix.

How was your weekend?

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