My Favourite Online Beauty Magazines



Currently snuggled up on the sofa and reading some blogs, I can’t think of any plan better than this for a cold morning -my house its actually freezing. It’s so warm and cosy I would literally stay like this until spring, just like marmotas do. Sometimes you just need one of those me, myself and I moments: some chocolate, a few soppy films and blog reading. If like me, you are in a much needed me time moment, keep reading to find my current beauty magazines for a perfect chilled day.. 

Into the gloss. Who hasn’t read ITG at least once in their life? I love the content of the magazine, it’s always fresh and I have to thank them for many beauty hacks I didn’t know! My favourite thing though has to be their  Top Self section, where a lot of famous and non famous women share their beauty routines, so clever!

Byrdie. Discovered a few months ago, I tend to visit Byrdie whenever I feel like I need a punch of youth and energy into my life. I would say it’s very similar to ITG but this one has a more laid back flow that I love.

Refinery 29. Now this is not technically a beauty magazine but I still find myself typing the words on my google search bar. It has a little bit of everything, from politics to fashion, and I think that twist is what makes it quite unique. Also, it has a horoscope section I’m addicted to.

I know it’s only three and may be too short, but actually I don’t tend to read many online magazines despite being a beauty blogger. I think I prefer reading blogs and more personal posts, however these three are always on my sight when I need some time off from everything. And also I tend to forget the pages I visit, so probably there are many more I love but I just can’t recall right now. Time to start taking memory pills, I guess..

What are your favourite beauty online magazines?

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