This Zara Sneakers Are Made For Walking

2016-02-17 12.03.55 1.jpg

Let me introduce you to the Zara sneakers I´ve been walking on since last Christmas. That´s right, haven´t even take them off to go to sleep. I love them so..

This was my mum´s present for my birthday and my sister had already warned me that it was going to be my favourite one. She wasn´t lying, although I loved every single present I got, I was incredibly surprised by this one. I had been rambling about how much I loved –and still do- this kind of sneakers for daily basics. And who would´ve known, because I was so against them only a few years ago.

I guess I never really knew how to style them, not that I do a better job now but at least I don´t care much about how I look now a days. If it´s comfortable and looks rather fancy, I will wear it. Simple. These Zara ones fulfil all of these premises, they are black and I can wear them even with smart trousers. I don´t know, I just adore them. My only tip would be to wear them with ankle trousers, otherwise you might look like your 12 year old self trying to be cool which is not a good look.

Ps.: Big shout out to my super pale legs, always making me stay grounded.

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