Bio Beauty: Coconut Oil

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I´ve been avoiding buying coconut oil for many reasons, being the rather expensive price tag on top of them. High hopes on this one, it didn´t let me down in any ways..

Any unrefined, 100% organic, extra virgin, cold-pressed (so it still has all the benefits in it) coconut oil will be amazing. The more natural, the best. But in my case, I wasn´t able to find any organic coconut oil around, so I went for Rinatura´s Bio Kokososöl, a vegan certified coconut oil that may not be one of the bests but does the job for now.

When I bought it the first thing I did was a hair mask. Wrapped my hair with two table spoons of melted oil, massage it through my ends and leave it there for the rest of the night. My hair was incredibly soft after I washed it the next morning, looked healthier and the frizz was all gone. My pillows, however.. did suffer a little bit but nothing a good washing can´t fix.

After I saw the benefits on my hair, I decided to slap a thin layer on my face and let it do its job for the night –again. My face has usually dry patches around my cheeks and eyes, and after I washed it off everything was gone. I was so surprised by it, because even some scarring that was going on at the moment had blurred a little bit, or as much to be almost unnoticeable. So, perfect hair and face, checked.

The thing I was the most sceptic about was using coconut oil for cooking. And I wasn´t too wrong about it. I hadn´t really thought about it, but of course when cooking with coconut oil the food will have coconut oil scent. For me it´s not much about the flavour as it is about the smell, and I don´t think I enjoy it too much. And even more, I think if my dad find out I´ve been cooking with coconut oil –he loves extra virgin olive oil so much- he would be so disappointed. So I will do as nothing ever happened..

I guess it´s not difficult to say I was pretty sold by it since the first moment I saw what it did to my hair. And my face really loves it too. In fact, I´ve been keeping it on my room instead of in the kitchen, to have it on hand any time any day..

Have you tried coconut oil?

4 thoughts on “Bio Beauty: Coconut Oil

  1. ThePrintedParade says:

    I love using it on my hair and face and it’s the best moisturiser. But I love it in the kitchen! Frying veg in it for stir frys always adds a nice taste for me, although I love the taste of coconut! Have you tried oil pulling yet? It works wonders for teeth whitening!

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