The Malta Diaries #12: Weather Changes

2016-01-31 10.21.31 1.jpg

I think I wouldn´t be wrong if I named this week the most relaxing week of the year yet. It felt almost like I was missing something important, like when you don´t have to work and you check one hundred times if you really don´t have to go to work. Which is exactly what happened on Wednesday..

Now I´ve never been a fan of midweek holidays, however I won´t say no to a good do nothing day. On Wednesday it was Saint Patrick day here in Malta, so the office was closed for the day. I did absolutely nothing except for some exercise and procrastinate till the end of the day. It was such a short week, because on Friday I had the chance to work from home, which also allowed me to sleep in a little longer –my usual wakeup call is at 6:42- and be rather comfortable working in my pj´s.

The best thing of the week has been that I have realised that days are becoming a little bit longer –it used to be dark at five in the evening and now it starts to get dark at half past. I´ve been seriously loving this, because as much as I love going for a run when it´s dark, I´ve noticed this light change has improved my mood so much. Also, the temperature has raised just enough so I don´t have to sleep with socks under uncountable layers of blankets. Spring I love you.

What were you up to this week?

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