48 Hours In Madrid


By now, you must know my irrational love for Madrid. I don´t know why, I´ve always been infatuated by this place and considering I´ve only been there twice, this must be love not even at first sight, at first glance. Last Christmas I had the chance to spend two days in Madrid with my sister and it was great..


It was a two day trip, I arrived there Saturday evening and we left Monday evening. Two days for relaxing, wandering the streets and eating yummy food in the park. This visit was not about tourism, it was about spending some quality time with my sister. And so we did! We had so much fun, and we visited almost all the important places in Madrid in just one day. And walking. We were dead when the night arrived but it was so worth it.


We visited the Royal Palace and the Almudena Cathedral after we decided to stop by a Starbucks to pick up some hot chocolate, that by the way, was way too expensive and not as good as we thought it would be –fail.


We went to La Latina, where every Sunday there is a street market were you can find anything and very good deals, I mean I even found Edward Sissorhands around there. My sister bought vintage Florence book for just one euro!



We passed by the Neptuno Fountain and sing along the famous song at Puerta de Alcalá, and also went to Plaza España and Puerta del Sol. I´m sure I´m forgetting about some place we visited but you get the drill, we went to every touristy place possible.


I can´t recommend you places to eat because honestly we didn´t go to a single restaurant. Fo´real. We made a picnic in Parque del Retiro, which was delicious and we had so much fun. We had breakfast and dinner at home. I love picnics by the way, in case you didn’t notice. We did go for some hot chocolate and breakfast on our last day to a little café called Faborit, totally recommended if you are looking for a healthy place to eat.


Have you ever been to Madrid?

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