The Body Shop Haul


To be honest I haven’t done much shopping during sales. Being in Malta means that things will always be more expensive than in Spain, so I just don’t feel much like expending money. However, there are certain shops that had very good deals, like The Body Shop, where I went a lil’ bit crazy and almost bought the whole place..

I went there with the intention of buying some body cream as my skin was feeling super dry –I’m one of those lazy persons that moisturizes her legs once in a lifetime – and came home with a bunch of products. The first one I picked was the Amazonian Wild Lily body cream. It has a very summery scent and it absorbs quickly, the dream. I decided to buy a full size body wash too, and I went for the Madagascan Vanilla Flower one. Now as soon as I left the store I kind of regretted buying this, because I found the scent a bit too heavy for my taste. Still, I will try and give it a go as it may have a different fragrance once in touch with the skin.

As I will be travelling quite a bit this year, I thought it would be a good idea to pop some travel bits in my shopping bag, and I picked up the matching Amazonian Wild Lily shower gel for the full size body cream. I’ve read so many good things about their Chamomile range that I purchased a mini Chamomile eye makeup remover which I have high hopes on, because I have very sensitive eyes and can’t handle any make up removers out there –if any contact wearer out there has any suggestions keep ‘em coming.

Last but not least, I ended up tossing this little lip balm from their Christmas collection that may still be available in stores. I have tried and tested this one and I’m not impressed at all, it doesn’t make anything special to my lips and it tastes so bad! Not that I eat it, but I can taste it on my mouth from just applying it on my lips –not good. On the bright side it smells like apples which is nice.

Have you made any The Body Shop purchase lately?

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