The Malta Diaries #11: Letters And Food

Malta diaries 11.jpg

Week one of February sorted. To be honest, it went by so quickly! I don´t know what it is, but I always feel like weeks are long and short at the same time –weird but true. So, being things like that, when Friday comes I´m all like what? Is it already weekend time? Hurray!!..

The past few weeks I´ve been so obsessed with writing. Everything. From to do lists to organization stuff, blog posts and letters. Yes, you read that right, I´ve been writing so many letters for my family that they will probably end up hating me for all that spamming. But I don´t care, because I enjoy it so much. And deep down, I know they enjoy them as well, because every time they receive one they always call me sobbing and telling me how much they love me.. I recommend to do this so much, it´s so great writing them but what I like the most is when they tell me they loved it. And also, I know letters will forever be there and I´ve always loved to keep these kind of memories to look back in a few years.

As you might have seen on Twitter (@carlotarules) the start of the month has been followed by lots of food. It has been my boss´ birthday, we have welcomed a new member on the team and there have been so many things to celebrate. If my belly is happy, I´m happy.

What have you been up to this week?

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